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Skylight helped get my life back on track

Skylight has helped me to bring my life back on track thanks to the programs of learning and different activities, exercises, learning how to make musical instruments, crafts and helping me to be more social and to interact with people.

Skylight is good for my mind and body, and spirit.

I like the activities that you do, being hands on, learning from people, and other things. I like how I can show others how to do things; being able to help others in the program is important to me. Having supported other people in my life and work, it has been good to be able to continue to help people in the Skylight community.

The workers are easy to get on with, and provide us with good feedback and help with providing input and help us with our needs and communication skills. Also, lifestyle skills help us to interact well with the other people in the group.

Skylight has helped me with my family, as there is mental illness in the family, and Skylight have provided support and helped with their needs.

The Skylight program helps us to get out of isolation and interact with other people, which is helpful for mental health and allows us to share our ongoing situations with other people out in the community. It helps steer people away from suicide by providing support and talking to them.

I find the encouragement from the group and Skylight workers helps a lot, and I really enjoy working with others; I like talking with others and getting ideas and strategies.

I get help with practical things through the one to one supports.

We really love the excursions and the Activity Groups like the Music Group and Art Group.

I enjoy being creative with my hands, and I find doing art helps with stress and relaxes me in mind and spirit. It is great to share art with other people.

We appreciate going on the outings and to other areas. It’s exciting and brings a lot of fun to all the Skylight group.

I get enjoyment from teaching, demonstrating, and sharing knowledge and skills in the group, and also the opportunity that we’ve had to share skills like first aid or making things. It was really great how everyone interacted with making the terrariums in the group and how the participants were able to teach each other.

We’ve had some great opportunities like helping with the mental health expo, liaising with the public and also being able to put our art into an exhibition to help in raising awareness about mental health issues how I was able to hand out leaflets to the community to raise awareness and also play the drum to show what we do at Skylight. And some of the participants were able to put their art into the show and had never thought of doing that before, and I won prizes which I have never done before and was a big highlight, as many participants have never won any prizes before and this has spurred us on to continue.

We had programs like Country Connect, which was a lot of fun, and helps with social inclusion, and helped us to feel that we weren’t on our own. We also did Breathe Stretch and Relax, where we learned how to help with our mind and exercise and to feel good. And we also did music and got to join together to play. It is really good to come to face to face activities.

– Skylight Participant

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