Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS)

The Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS) is based in Pukatja, also referred to as Ernabella. This program is a strengths-based, child-centred, family focused service.

Community development has underpinned the approach of this service, which has been co-created and is continually developed together with local Anangu staff and community.

The team works to improve mental health outcomes for children, young people, and their families by providing early intervention support to children and young people who are at risk of, or affected by mental illness. Children, young people and their families are supported through the provision of group programs, short-term support and more intensive long-term engagement.

Community engagement and capacity building is an important aspect of the work that the team does, with regular activities provided for the whole community.  In a community such as Pukatja identity, wellbeing and culture are intertwined, so when Skylight asks children and families what is important to them, it is no surprise that cultural family activities feature strongly.

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