Plan Management.

Skylight Mental Health has a growing Plan Management service which aims to provide an individualised and highly beneficial service, so you can focus on your journey. 

Our Plan Managers are dedicated to personalising Plan Management by encouraging participants to work with us, to help meet their needs and facilitate growth.

Plan Managers are registered NDIS providers who support you with financial assistance in the implementation and utilisation of your plan. Individuals with Improved Life Choices funding in their plan can access a Plan Manager, receiving benefits such as:

  • Managing and monitoring budgets over the course of the plan
  • Managing NDIS claims and paying providers for delivered service
  • Maintaining records and producing monthly statements showing the financial position of your plan
  • Providing access to a wider range of service providers, including non-registered providers whilst remaining in line with the price limits contained within the NDIS Price Guide. 

By accessing Skylight Plan Management in conjunction with other services like Skylight Activity Programs or Skylight Support Coordination, our staff can work closely together to ensure you maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan.

To make the NDIS work for you, and to learn more about our NDIS Plan management, phone us on (08) 8378 4100.

If you are a provider to one of our Skylight Plan Managed participants, please submit invoices to planmanagement@skylight.org.au If you haven't submitted an invoice for a particular participant before, please also send us your service agreement with them.

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Support Coordination

Work with your Support Coordinator to manage your NDIS budget and discover the services and programs best suited to achieving your goals.
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