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NDIS Service Request Form

Are you submitting this form for yourself or on behalf of another?
Are you a NDIS Nominee and/or Legal Guardian for the participant?
Please note, as you are not the NDIS Nominee and/or Legal Guardian for this participant, after submitting this service request a member of our team will contact the participant and/or their NDIS Nominee / Legal Guardian to affirm the service request.
Please provide a copy of the participant's current Guardianship order or confirmation as Plan Nominee in the file dropdown at the bottom of this page.
All NDIS numbers begin with '43'' and are 9 digits long
What NDIS services is the participant interested in accessing?
Is the participant a current NDIS participant with Skylight Mental Health?
Enter Email
Confirm Email
What is the participant's preferred communication method?
Is the participant currently under a guardianship or supervision order?
Please provide us a copy of the participant's guardian or supervision order in the below file upload section.
Does the participant have a NDIS Plan Manager?
Does the participant have a NDIS Support Coordinator and/or Psychosocial Recovery Coach?
Does the participant have a Carer?
Does the participant have an Emergency Contact?
In the event the participant does not have an Emergency Contact, we will notify Mental Health Triage 13 14 65 if we have serious concerns about their wellbeing.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

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