Short Breaks 

A Skylight Short Break gives you the opportunity to step away from your day-to-day life, relax and refresh, learn new skills, socialise with others and focus on your well-being. A Skylight Short Break is co-designed with you to support your mental health recovery.

You will stay in comfortable and spacious family-style accommodations, where you will enjoy meals and activities, and use as a base to explore the fun and interesting things the wider community has to offer. While getting to know and enjoy the company of other Short Breakers, you will also enjoy the privacy and seclusion of your own space, your bedroom, to get away, enjoy some ‘down-time’ and just relax.

Each Skylight Short Break will include up to 4 participants and the support of a trained Skylight worker throughout the duration of your stay.

Skylight Mental Health Short Breaks can be funded privately or through your NDIS package (please consider your short-term accommodation needs in your NDIS plan).

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Group Activities

Skylight provides Activity Groups to help you socialise, develop new friendships and explore a range of activities in your local community.

Support for Carers

Our Carer Support Programs are to assist people who are supporting a friend or loved one with mental illness.  We offer a number of support options for carers and family.

Plan Management

Skylight Plan Management takes the administrative hassle out of your NDIS plan, allowing you to make the most of your funding. 

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators will support you to understand your Plan from the start and help you build your capacity going into the future.

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