Skylight Communication

3 July 2023


Thank you for being a valued Skylight participant.

This communication is to update you on the NDIS rate updates which will come into effect on 10/07/2023.
Skylight’s Schedule of Rates has changed in line with these updates, impacting the cost of individual supports, activity programs, short breaks, and psychosocial recovery coaching. The NDIS have increased your plan funding to match these changes, so your supports will be unaffected. You can confirm this with your Plan Manager if applicable.

The full document can be found here.

Skylight’s Terms and Conditions document has also been updated. These changes include imbedding our existing Privacy Collection Notice, Program of Support Agreement, Counselling & Art Therapy Agreements into the Terms and Conditions, and adding ‘6. Emergency and Disaster Management Planning’ to align with updated NDIS Standard.

The updated Terms and Conditions can be found here.

We also wish to highlight that Skylight charge short-notice cancellations for individual supports in line with our Terms and Conditions section 8.4. No change has been made to this section in the Terms and Conditions update, and our practice is that a cancellation is short-notice if seven clear days’ notice is not provided. The quantity of the cancellation charge will match the minimum amount Skylight is required to remunerate the worker for the cancelled shift. These changes may impact the cost of the services you receive from Skylight Mental Health.

If you have any questions around these changes, please contact our Customer Relations Team at crt@skylight.org.au or (08) 8378 4100.


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