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Removing the stigma around mental illness is a long-term goal of Skylight. A key way of achieving this is to educate the community about the experience of mental illness.

Groups that have benefited from our award winning education sessions include police, ambulance services, nursing students, psychiatric registrars, government services, health providers, corporate groups, schools and community organisations.

Skylight can also offer tailored workshops and specialised training to suit your needs and meet your training objectives. We will work with you to identify and respond to your training requirements, and develop individual content and material which is relevant to your organisation.

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14-12-2018 9:15 am -1:30 pm
Skylight Wayville
Skylight Wayville
5 Cooke Terrace, Wayville SA 5034, Australia

The Mental Health First Aid for Gambling Problems course teaches adult members of the public how to identify signs and symptoms of a gambling problem, identify someone experiencing a crisis, understand what is motivating the problem, and approach someone about their gambling. 

$95.00 14

Family & Carer Connection

Take a short break from your carer responsibilities or learn about carer relationships with Family & Carer Connection services. 
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5 Cooke Terrace
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