Clinical Mental Health Services.

About our Clinical Mental Health Services

Skylight’s Clinical Mental Health Service offers focussed psychological strategies under the Medicare Better Access Scheme.
Our friendly Accredited Mental Health Clinicians have extensive postgraduate training and experience in the field of mental health.
Medicare Better Access Services are offered by suitably qualified staff. E.g an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Registered Psychologist or Occupational Therapist.

What can I get support with?
A Mental Health Clinician can help you manage challenges that impact day to day life.
For example when you:
  • Persistently experience low mood or anxiety
  • Experience family, friend or workplace conflict
  • Feel socially isolated
  • Are diagnosed with or suspect you may have a mental health condition
  • Would like to achieve post traumatic growth

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How does it work?

Our Mental Health Clinicians will assess your situation and together will plan how Skylight can support you with what you want to achieve.
We offer a variety of evidence based approaches – please talk to our staff who can give you more information if you need.

How can I access?
If you would like to see one of our Mental Health Clinicians for focused psychological strategies then:
  • Make an appointment to see your GP or psychiatrist
  • Ask your GP for a mental health care plan and a referral letter
  • If you are being referred by your psychiatrist, just ask for a referral letter.

How much does it cost?
Skylight is committed to making mental health services accessible.
To enquire about the gap fee and available concessions, please get in touch with us on (08) 8378 4100.

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