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Supporting Through your Business or Employer Organisation

Skylight is seeking to develop partnerships and networks with businesses.

Our vision of a community which understands mental illness and responds with confidence, respect and hope, can only be achieved through mutual respect of relationships and a commitment to sharing the journey, not only with our clients but also with organisations that seek to make a different to the lives of their staff, clients and the broader community.

We seek to work with you to develop win/win relationships through:

  • sponsorships
  • cause-related marketing programs
  • participation in fundraising events,
  • volunteering; and
  • workplace giving
Sponsorships and cause related marketing

Skylight believes in developing tailored strategic partnerships and building unique and mutually beneficial partnerships with outcomes that can be measurable.

Fundraising Events

Creating a special event can:

  • Build teamwork and staff morale
  • Be fun, flexible and accessible
  • Be easy to implement – all support and promotional materials can be supplied
  • Raise funds for a worthy cause
  • Create fantastic photo opportunities to include in your annual report and shareholder newsletter

Volunteering provides employees with an opportunity to further engage in our Vision whilst lifting employee morale and team building. Having employees volunteer with us can also provide PR opportunities for your business.

There are many tasks we need help with and your crew of volunteers could be just the solution we need to achieve our goals in a short timeframe at low cost.

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Workplace Giving

Workplace giving (also known as payroll giving) is a voluntary program in which employees can pledge to make regular donations to Skylight. 

Through a regular donation to Skylight you can make a big difference to the lives of 1 in 5 Australians who live with mental illness.

Through an agreement with your employer a donation is made before tax is calculated.  As the employee you receive an immediate tax deduction and you are not required to obtain a receipt.

Dollar Matching

Many organisations choose to match donations made by employees to demonstrate that they also support causes that are important to their staff.  It is very motivating for employees to know that their workplace will double their gift.

Benefits to Employers

Workplace Giving:

  • builds staff morale
  • demonstrates corporate responsibility
  • is easy to administer
Benefits to Employees

Workplace Giving:

  • ensures your organisation holds a complete record of donations for the financial year
  • provides the opportunity to make regular donations simply and easily throughout the year
  • provides an up-front tax benefit
  • through Skylight makes a life changing difference to thousands of South Australians living with a mental illness


Benefits to Skylight

Workplace Giving:

  • offers certainty of regular donations providing stable funding for core services
  • reduces administration and processing expenses

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