Respite Programs

Funded by the Australian Government under the Mental Health Respite Program.

If you are a family member, friend or neighbour, who provides regular or sustained care and assistance to a person living with mental illness, you may be able to access the Skylight respite program as a carer.

The Skylight respite program offers a range of tailored options, which are developed in partnership with carers and the person they care for – the care recipient. This approach aims to make respite a positive experience for all and is delivered with our respectful and compassionate approach toward promoting growth, recovery and wellness.


For further information, please contact us:

Skylight Wayville
Ph: (08) 8378 4100

One to One Respite

Respite offers carers a short-term break from their caring responsibilities, giving them time to:

  • attend to personal needs
  • focus on other commitments
  • enjoy recreational activities
  • go on a holiday

Respite offers care recipients support and opportunities to:

  • develop new skills
  • identify personal strengths
  • further build resilience at their own pace
  • participate in new social experiences & form new relationships

Respite options available include:

  • One to one respite with trained respite workers
  • Telephone support
  • Emergency respite
  • Retreats
  • Short breaks


Residential Respite

An Australian Government Initiative

The Residential Respite Accommodation Program (RRAP) aims to:

  • Provide carers of people experiencing mental illness with a break from their caring responsibilities; and

  • Deliver a short term, recovery-based group program to small groups of people living well with their mental illness (care recipients).

The RRAP is part of Skylight’s Respite Services and involves a Respite House located at Seaview Downs.

A range of programs are conducted at the Respite House which typically involve groups of up to seven participants aged 18 years or over who either experience mental health problems or are caring for someone who does. Programs operate from Monday to Friday and include structured and themed activities such as day outings, recreation activities and living skills workshops. All programs are delivered by Respite Workers who understand mental health problems and who work together with participants at their own pace to provide individualised support with a focus on recovery.

Skylight’s Respite House has a large common area to cook and share meals, watch TV or play games in the evenings, seven bedrooms with each guest receiving their own private lockable rooms and a separate, individual courtyard area. The house includes four toilet and shower facilities and two rooms for staff quarters. It is ideally located within walking distance of Marion Shopping Centre, the beach and community amenities. Many who have stayed at the house describe the atmosphere as very welcoming for all participants.

The Skylight respite program is available to carers living in the metropolitan Adelaide area. We can also provide you with information and contact details if you are interested in respite services and live outside this area.

For further information, please contact us:

Skylight Wayville
Ph: (08) 8378 4100

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