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Removing the stigma around mental illness is a long-term goal of Skylight and our Mental Illness Fellowship partners around the country. A key way of achieving this is to educate the community about the experience of mental illness. Groups that have benefited from our award winning education sessions include police, ambulance services, nursing students, psychiatric registrars, government services, health providers, corporate groups, schools and community organisations.


Workplace Education Sessions

The Education Program has developed a series of sessions specifically aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues within the workplace.

Each topic is designed to provide the target audience with a deeper understanding of issues relating to mental health and wellbeing. We aim to raise awareness of the impact on the individual, families, colleagues, employers and the community, and offer strategies for prevention, impact reduction and recovery from mental illness. The information provided is relevant to employers and employees in maintaining their own health and wellbeing, that of the workplace as a whole and in raising awareness of issues their clientele may be experiencing.

These sessions run for 1 ½ hours, enough time for vital learning to take place yet minimising the amount of staff down time. Workplace sessions are delivered by an experienced Adult Educator, with co facilitation provided by a trained Community Educator—someone with a lived experience who will briefly share their story of mental illness and recovery. This greatly enhances the information being presented and allows the audience to gain a better understanding of how particular issues impact on peoples' daily lives.

Training Packages for Organisations

Skylight are able to offer tailored workshops and specialised training to suit your needs and meet your training objectives. We will work with you to identify and respond to your training requirements, and develop individual content and material which is relevant to your organisation. Training modules may include (but are not limited to) :-

  • Mental Illness vs. Mental Health
  • Prevalence and Impact of Mental Illness
  • Risk factors for the onset of Mental Illness
  • Unpacking the BioPsychoSocial Model
  • Overview of various diagnosis which may include :  Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, NSSI, Suicidal thoughts and Ideation, Substance Use disorders
  • Treatment, management and recovery from Mental Illness
  • Supporting a person with Mental Illness
  • Effective Communication skills and strategies
  • De-escalation techniques and strategies
  • Responding effectively to someone in crisis
  • Case Studies (relevant to your organisation)

We offer 3 hour, 1/2 day, full day and 2 day training packages at competitive prices.  Please phone our training team to discuss your organisations training requirements.

We can provide workshops in the metro Adelaide community on request.
Our workshops and seminars focus on topics such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis, relapse prevention and recovery. Community education helps to remove barriers to social inclusion and employment opportunities.

Country outreach program
We provide education workshops and seminars in country areas throughout South Australia.
One-to-one sessions are often available after the completion of education sessions.

If you live in one of these areas we can come to you:

  • Far North
  • Mid North
  • Eyre Peninsula
  • Yorke Peninsula
  • Riverland
  • South East
  • Fleurieu Peninsula/Kangaroo Island


Mental Health First Aid MHFA Training course group

For further information, please contact us:

Skylight Wayville
Ph: (08) 8378 4100

Mental Health First Aid Training

Skylight are accredited to deliver the Standard and Youth Mental Health First Aid training, and the Blended MHFA for the White Collar Workplace. In addition to our scheduled rounds of training at Skylight Wayville we are able to deliver externally at your organisation or workplace at competitive rates. Please phone Robyn Miller at Skylight for more details or CLICK HERE for upcoming training dates.

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