Skylight Life Members

The Skylight board may grant life membership to any person who has given exceptional service or has made an outstanding contribution to the benefit of the Association.

2015 Skylight Life Members Barry Samuel & Rhonda Samuel with Marcia Johnson Timm

Michael Becker & 2016 Skylight Life Member, Maureen Lewis
Life Members
1993 Prof. W.A. Cramond
1995 Prof. David Overstreet
1997 Marlis Janssen
1998 Bill & Hilda Gabel
1998 Colin Smith AM
1999 Maggie Dobson
2000 Pauline Hiscock
2000 Peter Gurner
2001 Maxie Ashton
2001 Peter Fairs OAM
2002 Audrey Lang
2002 Bill & Liz Love
2003 Irene & Dave Towler
2003 Prof. Ann Crocker
2005 Narelle Gordon
2005 Frank Grindlay
2006 Pat Sutton
2006 Len Downing
2007 Robert Burke
2008 Brigid Downing
2009 Marcia Johnson Timm
2010 Margaret Springgay
2011 Michael Becker
2012 David Meldrum
2013 Dr Jo Lammersma
2015 Rhonda & Barry Samuel
2016 Maureen Lewis
2017 Yvonne Torr

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"Life has changed from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and not being able to get off the couch, to hopeful, engaged and looking forward to the future." 

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