Murray Bridge Music Group Fri PM

Activity Address: Edward Square: 2 South Tce, Murray Bridge SA 5253 Australia

This group provides you with the opportunity to:
-Collaborate with others and get creative with musical instruments, sounds and songs
-Develop friendships within the group, enhancing your community participation
-Feel accepted and connected within the music community
You can bring your own instrument or we can provide some for the group. You don?t have to play an instrument, you can come in to sing along with the music.
Bookings required. Non face to face costs apply Centre capital costs apply

Maximum Number of Attendees: 10

Recurrence: Repeats weekly on fri. Starting on March 08, 2024, ending on March 29, 2024 . After you booked this recurrence, you can view or book other events that scheduled after the indicated recurrence dates above. You will also receive an email containing all booked events under this recurrence once you booked successfully.

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Terms and Conditions
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(4) By submitting your expression of interest, it does not mean you will be guaranteed to be booked in, it depends on Skylight Activity Group's vacancy.
(5) You must have a valid service agreement with Skylight and your service agreement must have valid Activity Group items and remaining funding allocations can cover the appointment's costs. You can always contact our friendly Customer Relationship Team 8378 4100 to check your eligibility and funding allocations, also explore possible options to book group events.
(6) Participants who never attended any group events at Skylight may not be able to book group events until finish the group activity orientation, our team will contact you.
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(10) Skylight or Skylight staff reserve the right to remove a participant from a group or cancel a group event if there is a concern about the welfare of the group/individual without providing written notice.
(11) Please understand that National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) or related funding bodies updates price and service guide regularly which may affect Skylight's business process and services. Skylight reserves the right to adjust Activity Group booking process and billing model.
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(14) A notice period of 2 weeks is required if you would like to exit the Program of Supports early. To exit the program, please contact our bookings team on 8378 4100.
(15) We may claim for Non Face-to-Face Supports, Centre Costs, Travel, and Transport Services as part of delivering Activity Groups to you.
(16) Skylight reserves the right to update the terms and conditions with or without written notice.
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Participant NDIS number starts with numbers '43' and consists of a total of nine digits.
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e.g. 431234567
We require your birth date to verify your identity
Phone/Mobile numbers are not required if we have your record, however, leaving a phone/mobile number can help us contact you if there is an issue
Email is not required if we have your record, however, leaving an email can help us contact you if there is an issue


Fri 22 Mar 2024


1:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Skylight Mental Health
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