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Congratulations to Skylight Mental Health Life Member Rhonda Samuel who won the Carers SA Carer Community Achievement Award on Friday 11th December.

The Carer Achievement Award recognises a South Australian family carer who has not only provided substantial long term care but who has also worked to improve the recognition, services and supports for other carers. Carers SA presents this award to celebrate this individual achievement in championing the carer cause to improve the lives of family carers in South Australia.

Rhonda is part of the Mood Disorders Carers Support Group and now the 4th person from this Skylight group to receive this award. Rhonda has served on numerous sub-committees including the Mood Disorders Support Group Working Party; whose set of carer recommendations became an essential part of the Mental Health Reform initiatives involving the carer’s voice in the Mental Health System.

For over twenty years, Rhonda and her husband Barry have worked tirelessly for carer advocacy, dedicating many hours to speaking out and raising awareness of the important role a carer plays in supporting a person with mental illness as they move through their recovery journey.

Previous winners from the Mood Disorders Carers Support Group include – Barry Samuel, Dr Sharon Lawn, Marcia Johnson Timm and the late Bob Burke.

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