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Merel provides a space for you to be seen and heard fully, creating the opportunity to uncover those parts of yourself you may have lost touch with.

With a background in psychology and counselling, Merel enjoys being creative and flexible in sessions, working with what comes up in the moment. Trauma-informed and person-centred practice are always key to her approach, and she values authenticity, curiosity, and social justice.

Merel has particular interest and training in the area of Complex Trauma. Merel is also a certified Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) facilitator. She runs group sessions and individual sessions. Individual sessions can be made up of a mixture of talking and movement – always decided in collaboration with you, to best suit your needs.

In her free time, she loves listening to true crime podcasts and making drip castles on the beach with her kids.

Languages: English, Dutch



Nora is an accredited Art Therapist and has experience in facilitating art therapy groups and providing therapy in 1:1 settings. Nora believes Art Therapy gives us the chance to put our insight and inner wisdom into practical play. Nora facilitates a safe and nurturing environment for the participants to engage with the process as the process is the key element in Art Therapy not the end product. Nora loves getting active and outdoor activities. She enjoys yoga and swimming. She finds the nature to be very grounding.

Languages: Vietnamese, English




Joumana believes that life is for living and that despite the challenges and stressors, we all need, want and deserve to be happy, lead fulfilling and productive lives and have loving relationships. Working from the premise that the therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and a client is a collaborative one, with trust, empathy & non-judgement at the forefront, she sees her role as a facilitator to help you reach your desired goals and realize your full potential.

Joumana has over 16 years’ experience providing support to adults and children with multiple and complex needs and uses a variety of highly effective evidence-based interventions including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, Solution-Focused and Positive Psychotherapy (PPT).

Her qualifications include a degree in Social Psychology from London University (LSE), and she continued her training in Australia gaining several diplomas and qualifications in Counselling, Case Management and Therapy.

Languages: English, Arabic



Kate values the human to human relationship and her approach is to meet you where you are at and work with what works for you, as she believes you are your own expert in your life. Kate helps you to understand yourself more deeply with your strengths, qualities and resources - to rediscover or build new skills. This helps you to explore what might feel empowering and assist in making sense of working through the story of your experiences, difficulties and challenges.

Central to Kate’s work is the creation of a trusting and nurturing relationship in a safe therapeutic space working in the framework of family therapy counselling, trauma-informed care and person-centred practice. Kate values lived experience, and will at times draw upon her own lived experience to support you. Kate believes that sometimes all an individual needs is for someone to deeply listen with compassion, and validate their experience and story within a safe therapeutic space.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys spending time in nature, yoga, meditation and walks along the beach.

Language: English



Rachel works collaboratively with participants to identify how counselling can be useful and what they need from the process.  Rachel creates a warm, safe counselling environment and draws on the strengths of participants.  Rachel is guided by the expertise of participants about their own unique experience.


Rachel draws on various theories and evidence-based counselling models to tailor her approach for every individual participant.  Some of the approaches Rachel has training in are Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and attachment theory.  Trauma informed practice and a strengths based approach underpins Rachel’s counselling style. |


Rachel has a background in community services: working with individuals, couples and families to focus on mental health and fulfilling relationships. 

When not at work, Rachel loves spending time at the beach or watching her favourite Netflix picks!

Language: English



Jennifer is an art therapist and registered counsellor. She creates a safe space filled with respect, kindness, compassion and humour. She is passionate about supporting you to draw on your inner strengths, creativity and wisdom so you can enjoy life with confidence and hope.


She believes you are the expert in your life, and her role is to support you find insight and meaning.  This might include listening, talking, creating, storytelling, and mindfulness. Creativity is a fantastic way of communicating when words are difficult. Do you need to be artistic? Definitely not!


Jennifer works from a trauma-informed, strengths based, recovery-oriented approach and values the wisdom that comes from lived experience. She understands 'symptoms' as coping mechanisms developed to deal with difficult circumstances, and when ready, you can learn healthier ways to manage life.  She is particularly interested in healing after trauma, suicide prevention, ageing, spirituality, dementia care, and grief and loss.


In her spare time, Jennifer loves creating art, cycling, bushwalking, tending to her veggie garden and cooking the produce.



Alex appreciates that counselling is a unique process for each person and that everyone experiences the world in different ways. Through a person-centred lens, Alex provides a space for you to explore your experiences and insights while drawing from a range of therapeutic modalities. He believes that often people simply need a place to be heard without fear of judgement. 

With a background in community services, Alex also works with people who have (or are currently) experiencing interpersonal and complex trauma, therefore adapting his approach accordingly. When working with trauma, Alex is a strong believer that people can (and do) thrive regardless of their past. With this in mind, Alex works with you at your pace, with respect and sensitivity, and complete genuineness.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys looking after his two dogs, hiking in the outdoors, and gazing at the stars.

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