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A few years ago we assumed that this ‘thing’ called Covid 19 would be with us for a short time and then disappear, but we have really entered a ‘new normal’ which is still impacted by Covid, and where many people in contact with Skylight Mental Health are vulnerable to it.

We have worked alongside our participants, government agencies, and Covid specialist service providers to find new ways to assist people and to refine the traditional services we offer to best support vulnerable people with mental health concerns. Many of these creations and adaptions will continue to be a part of Skylight’s service footprint into the future.

The staff at Skylight have continually shown their creativity, commitment, and resilience and while services have changed and adapted to suit individual needs and circumstances, services have been sustained and we have continued to walk alongside participants to support them in their recovery.

But there are other ongoing and significant challenges working in the non-government sector. Funding is always tight and demands and unmet needs are always high, so our ability to adapt and shift is essential in order to provide high-quality services to the community.

And the capacity to do all of that, again and again, is demonstrated daily – and is the joy of working for Skylight Mental Health. Like all of us, sometimes I have to remind myself to stop, take a breath, look around, and appreciate where we are, and what we are achieving – and right now is one of those times.

I must thank all of the staff who work at Skylight – they display so much energy and enthusiasm, so much creativity and passion, and all alongside a dogged commitment to the values of Skylight and to the rights and needs of people with mental health concerns. It is this dynamism that makes Skylight a great service provider and a great place to lead.

Paul Creedon


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